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[ Bugs ] New Kisame BT


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That reinhard guy is a complete *. In sage he had higher power than me, higher init, was running full sb kisame vs my kisame with 1 break, but he mouthed off and called me a whale, when I pointed out he has better things than I do he said "but not the same wallet"


I am in almost identical cir*stances as the other posters, 450 vials to get his mystery to gold, then another 325 tests done with his msytery protected and none of the other skills changed once, didnt even get a +1.

I dont have many rare characters, but I do have edo hashi 4 stars and already kisame is already proving drastically more difficult to get breaks for than one of the rarest 4 star characters in the game.

Also, sorry to say this, but this thread will definitely get deleted and we will all get censored, I made a similar thread a while back when I used over 3000 vials on a character and did not get a single skill change, and Tachibana's idea of "support" was to delete my thread entirely, tell me my question about the so called "luck" wasnt a bug or support request and muted that account from ever using the "support" section again. Suffice it to say there is no support here, you may aswell write this message on paper and flu* down the toilet, you would still get better treatment than you do from the pos moderators here, company paying and not firing a "support" worker who figuratively spits in paying customers faces and then bans them from ever even trying to request "supprort" again, It is a disgrace and Tachibana, congratulations you have sold your integrity and humanity for 30k coupons a month and are actively ruining the game you should care about, you are complete garbage

When you read this, try to be a decent human for once in your life and just delete this post, just because I am calling you out for being bad at your job and a bad human in general shouldnt mean you throw such a hissy fit you delete the entire thread for other people

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