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[ Bugs ] New Kisame BT


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I believe the new Kisame BT is bugged. I have used over 800 advanced experimental vials and still have not managed to get two skills to gold at once.

I have fully BT'd 10+ ninja in this game and this is the first one I have seen such excessively bad rates to get a skill to even +1. His BT seems harder to accomplish than Madara TTJ (which i have fully BT'd currently)

Either the rates are bugged or this unit has bad rates to BT on purpose.

Please let me know what you think.


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So I gave up after hitting 1k and just went with 1 gold and managed to get it in 190 protection vials.

I know I am 100% beyond lucky considering how bad trying to just get a regular +1 was but don't let that detract from this thread. I do still think the rates are either bugged or purposely low.

Thanks for the replies.

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