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[ Lineup ] Rinne Sasuke Lineup


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So I just got Sasuke max bt and I can't decide what kind of team I want to use with him. The ninjas I have that could potentially synchronize with him are Kakuzu EG(bt), Nagato Edo(bt), Asuma WB(bt), Cee(bt), Kurenai Summer, Itachi Edo, Hashirama 1st Hokage(bt), Konan AOG, Ningendo(bt except mystery)... Ninjas I don't have or bt'd are GNW Madara, Izuna(no bt), Madara Founder, Itachi Anbu, Mifune(no bt), Iruka(no bt), Taka squad(Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo). What would you guys suggest for a team and what main to use?

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greetings....congratulations for having sasuke ( rinne sharingan ) 4 stars talents breakthrough system....sasuke is classified under so many types and this can .allow you to find many options to create a team for him....taking in mind the ninjas you currently have can surely give a splendid result for your team combined with sasuke...each option and combination can give you a certain effect....

for an example sasuke position 1 & kakuzu egf position 2 & fire main position 3 & hashirama position 4...such a team combination can give a balanced effect of damage power and survival chances for your team....

sasuke position 1 & nagato position 2 & lightning main position 3 & asuma wind blade....this team can give you a different result since it will mostly focus on building the damage potential of your team and dissolving your opponent attack force ....

sasuke position 1 & lightning main position 2 & ningendo position 3 & cee...a pure lightning attribute team which it can let you gain the full benefit of cee talents....thus sasuke will gain a better chance to cause damage and escape harsh situations...

there is still so many options for you to combine in order to make a wonderful team for sasuke and with each main the result can be different ...i assume best main characters to combine with sasuke are fire and lightning mains....but surely other mains can be great to try too such as earth and wind mains...

for an example sasuke position 1 & konan ( taisho period ) position 2 & earth main or wind main position 3 & hashirama .....such a team can grant you the important requires to build sasuke damage potential and giving him high chances to escape the enemy attacks..

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Hi there,

I´m currently using this team as I didnt manage to properly SB Kisame yet... but... with the Root ninja and warrior talents, this team can beat same power SB Kisame teams. It lacks the chase control but whatever... with luck on my side I survived till round 4 vs. 900k Kisame (and managed to win vs. Kisame/GNW Madara teams of same power fairly constantly.)
Try it out if you can or want :) Its suprisingly working xD


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