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Kushina needs a nerf


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  • gogogoggle On 2020-10-14 17:14:40
  • Exactly, there are plenty of counters for kushina apart from herself.

    You just need to know who they are



kurenai summer

bee 8 tails

hashi new year

madara gnw sb

madara ten tails sb


A game with hundreds of characters , there are 7 that have a *chance* to counter her, the closest thing we have to a hard counter is ibiki, and since kushi is always pos 1 stacked to hell and ibiki is a support character unless you are a whale you will get control fails more often than he will succeed

Of those other characters

madara ten tails is impossible to get

asura is impossible to get

kurenai summer is terrible

hashi new year is also not great

^ both of these characters have useless control abilities, because with no chakra minimum to remove the control, the number of characters and even a summon that can remove the control outnumber the characters that can cause it about 100 to 1, any wind, water or fire main can remove it instantly many earth mains can remove it with the double attack mystery, any gakido, jigokudo,sakura,tsunade,karin,slug,cee,shizune

bee requires having higher init to effectively counter kushi

And you are overlooking the fact that kushi is always used as a carry, she is a stacked pos 1, unless you have one of 7 specific characters in your lineup and have higher init and/or high enough control to stop a stacked pos 1 they all fall short

And you are overlooking her scaling, not only do you need init and control and to be able to stop the opponent from using literally any heal or debuff removal in the game that can easily render kurenai and hashi dead weight, on top of that you also need high enough damage output, if you cant control and kill her quickly then by the time the control is removed she will be stacked and with her obscene 20% life recovery twice per round will still obliterate you

She is not unbeatable but she is very * close, and you cannot honestly say she is not op, she is the definition of broken, highest scaling in the game, highest self heal in the game, cd reduction on every hit taken. Every one of her skills is op and since she is free she is by a long long way the most common carry ninja in the game, she can easily and single handedly win a match after the rest of your characters have been beaten

TL:dr, She is a god tier character with unmatched health recovery and stacking percent who is also completely free, and it requires very high init and/or very control and very high damage output to even stand a chance against her, otherwise she can win a match on her own. Beatable? yes, but undeniably OP

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  • The_X On 2020-10-14 19:55:26
  • "kushina is too op" while kakuzu was more cancer lol, or you forgot naruto 6paths era?

kakuzu was very shortly lived though, at least in my cluster, he was "meta" for less than a month.

I agree on 6p that was also boring, he too was a 10 round leech spammer, but since then has been outdated, but kushi can still very much hold her own, unless you are at the pinnacle of spenders and have fully sb madara ten tails with unreal initiative there is no one character that can put a hard stop to kushi, that is what makes her op. I really hope she dies off soon, my server is almost 4 years old and each round in gnw takes around half an hour because the only other group active enough to register is run by a try hard who wants the title and sets all 40 alts with def stacking kushis and gaara kk's. You have never experienced boredom until you have faced that player

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