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[ Lineup ] Need help with Rinne Sasuke lineup


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I have gotten my hands to Rinne Sasuke and Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) and i want to make a team out of both of them.

So far i have made 1 team and am not very happy with it, i think my problem is that i understand the ups and downs only of lightning main.

Please help me out!

Thank you!

Sasuke is still at 3 stars but i am planing to make him 4 stars as i need 40 more frags, so think of him as full BT.

Hashirama is full BK but i am not sure which chase attack is best for him.

These are my ninjas and summons

Annotation 2020-10-07 195107

Annotation 2020-10-14 003028

Annotation 2020-10-14 003058

Annotation 2020-10-14 003120

Annotation 2020-10-14 003230

Have a wonderful day!

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I was in the same position as you long time ago....

My suggestion is rinne sasuke, kushina, shikamaru chunin and fire main.

Summon is giant katsuyu ( I know you don't have it )

Talents:- illusion mirror, feather illusion, fire ball, secret jutsu user enhancement and the passive in which he's immune to de buffs.

This team worked out pretty well for me for the time being.

P.S. Nice ninjas and good luck with bt rinne sasuke

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Get Wind Assuma to 4 stars ASAP.
Use following lineup:
Sasuke Rinne - Hashi - Light. Main - Wind Assuma.
Full imunity team (for 2 rounds) with HUGe damage and some cancer as extra.

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you can try this team, works well with almost all mains.
Team has nice control, in case of lightning and fire mains, Sasuke can reset cooldown upon kill in 5 rounds, which is nice.
Wind main option refreshes cooldown to masked man and hashi aswell, so you can go for more control.
Earth main option is more sustainable tho.
This team does not work with Water main due to imperfect chase chain.

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