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[ Lineup ] Greate plates


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Fact: if you invest in great plates 3600 you will win keys more than +500 keys cave (and you know for free) 100% and if you use 60k in moons scrolls you will get 300 keys per week, that in a month would be 1200 and if you get more keys for roulette events of group .. you get to have 2100+ the refunds .. you can get 15 runes of level 9 rune (3 in each of the secondary stats) and get 2 golden essences or possible 3 all key events. In greate plates you only need to use 500 greate plates keys and you get 140 free and pay 360 (3600 coupons). The pack they give you is 4 and I show you in the following images that change the content. In greate plates event you earn around 90/100 pot training, 500 + / 600) keys cave .90 / 100 refine epic. 125 vials experimental, 125 protection. around 3 different ninjas that pose on the roulette wheel 5/10 frags, from each one I could get 25 feags of deidara akatsuki creation. All this is free since 3600 invested coupons is in the 4paxks that you will see below and that is what I win all the greate plates events.




The pack that you see that says 4 is really 16/20/24 frags knowing they give you 4 packs and each one contains 4/5/6 frags, depending on the ninja.

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