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[ Updates ] Question regarding game updates


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Will the game ever get updated? For example, Edo Tobirama BT was changed a bit on CN, CN has updated main character skills and etc. Some skills or BT's were changed on Chinese servers a long time ago and we still don't have those updated. Why not? And will we ever?

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The game is constantly receiving updates. For example, when Summer Ino came out, she came out as the original version, then was updated to the newer version not long after.
However, this version of the game does not perfectly mirror the Chinese version, so players are urged not to expect it to do so. We may, in the future, get ninjas updated to the versions that the Chinese version is using, or we may not. As with all events, there is, unfortunately, no telling ahead of time.
Thanks, and hopefully this helps clear up some expectations around this issue!

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