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Beginner's guide; What classes you should obtain first!


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Hello. This is a beginner's guide to playing AQW. This is meant to help new players get into the game and level up without just spending acs because they don't have good classes.

First off, for your starting class, you should * to warrior or mage. Healer isn't good at killing things (and you need to kill things to level up) and rogue needs dodge to work properly, a stat that doesn't come abundant until you hit high levels.

Warrior is the best starting class in terms of damage. Since at early levels, you have not many skills, warrior's autos hitting harder than any other starting class greatly increases DPS.

Mage is also great, because it is good at farming once you get explosion.

Which farmable class should you get first? And the answer is Chaos slayer.

Chaos slayer is able to do about everything. Despite the fact it is heavily outclassed, it is still solid and very, very easy to obtain. So working on chaos slayer first is your best option. Just doing the daily quests will take you 60 days, but you can easily speed the process up anyways. viva tv

Alternatively is the Scarlet Sorceress. Very easy to obtain, but be warned, this class is not easy to pilot. (Arguably hardest class to use in the game).

The next classes you should obtain are Necromancer and Pyromancer. You don't get them because they are good, but because blaze binder is the most broken class (proof of great balance in this game lul) in this game. That's why. It's extremely capable of farming, which is pretty much the most important aspect of AQW these days.

next you work on the soloing class. Archpaladin preferably, or Darkblood storming. Archpaladin does pretty much anything you could ever want, and getting it isn't too difficult (You will need people to help you so you can access the locked zones though). Once obtained, Archpaladin can solo pretty much any boss in the game. Darkblood stormking isn't as good, but it is easier to obtain in the sense that it doesn't go rare.cyberflix

Glacial berserker also helps, but it is seasonal though. Can be slightly hard to farm.

Oracle is free too, so why not.

Classes you should consider getting: (for newbies) Troll spellsmith. Good farming. Okay soloing. Eternal Inversionist (Decent farming). Stonecrusher: Good supporting class. Shaman: Mana problems, but good farming. Going to add more, can't think of any atm.

Don't bother: Blood titan. Looks cool, bad at soloing compared to new classes. Horc Evader: Pretty useless outside PVP. Cryomancer: Useless outside PVP. Arachnomancer: Just get stonecrusher instead.

And this is it. The basic guide of what classes should you obtain! Good luck in lore heroes.

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