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Karin Taka Bugg ( PLS fix her )


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Whenever Karin [Taka]'s mystery is used against an enemy ninja that has immunity, their immunity changes so that it can't be removed. This video is showing Karin's mystery being used against a team with Kushina Habanaro on it, followed by Madara 10 tail's mystery which 1. should strip immunity. 2. his chase should immobilize hereven if the chase fails to immobilize her, you can still see constant immunity popups for every status effect trying to be applied, indicating that kushina is indeed still immune after Madara 10 Tail's mystery was used on her.

Naruto Online Please Fix Karin

This is a much bigger problem when fighting ninja like Tsunade Reserve Seal.

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Havn't had the displeasure of noticing if it actually affects combat but can confirm that Immortal Kushina and a few others spam that they're immune despite immunity being suppressed by other ninja.

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Hello, this is an issue that is known, and being looked into. Thank you for pointing it out and providing a video!

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