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[ Events ] Special promotion - Valonia & Puzzles


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Dear ninjas!

We invite all players who like triple town mobile games to download and play a brand new game - Valonia & Puzzles. Those who download the game, create an account, and play the game are eligible to receive special promotion rewards! All you have to do is provide a screenshot of the user information in Valonia & Puzzles, your server ID/Number, In-Game Name, and of course UID for your NO account. You can submit your information by commenting under this post.

~ Rewards you can obtain:

Super Value Secret Scroll Pack (60 secret scroll page, 60 Mantra Elixir)

Valonia & Puzzles download link and social media:

- Feedback and suggestions: Click here

- Download the game: Click here

- Discord:Click here

We would also like to invite you to participate in this questionnaire and pick the images that you think are the best. Your help will be appreciated as much. Click here

Note: The game is currently available in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Denmark, USA, and Canada.


Enjoy your new adventure across Valonia,
Naruto Online Operaton Team

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