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Refine Optional Pack Update Request


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To whom can do something about refine packs.

Currently, the optional packs give us

2 epics

3 advanced

6 medium

10 basic

Due to the amount needed for epics and advanced runes to upgrade equipment, the amounts given even for paying players are far too low. Proposed is this:

Upgrade for the same price the optional packs to the following:

6 epics

9 advanced

18 medium

30 basic

Since medium and basic amounts pretty much are in line with game progress, can settle for 6 epics, 9 advanced, 12 medium and 15 basic.

We will also accept the following for slightly increased price/redeemables:

10 epics

15 advanced

30 medium

50 basic

Again, since medium and basic amounts pretty much are inline with game progress, can settle for 10 epics, 15 advanced, 20 medium, and 30 basic.

Note that while it may appear that the amount requested is high, note that there are 20 pieces of equipment, 13 levels each. Levels 10-13 will require 6000 runes alone. That's 120,000 runes just for that last levels give or take wish credits and luck to pass to the next level without needing to max the wish bar.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I will pass this along. However, requesting that the price remain the same, with an increase to the number of items included in it, would be unlikely.

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