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Random thought - Extra Edo Hashirama Passive


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I thought about this a while ago. I just barely remembered it again. I know it can't be done, but it would be amusing if it happened.

Tell me what you think of this. If Edo Hashirama had another passive "I'll deal with you later." If The enemy has Edo Madara, both Hashirama and Madara become immune to all damage, and if someone is using someone who can't target someone in the back row, then now can to ignore Hashirama or Madara to knock out the other ninja to the point it gets to one vs one. Once that happen, it gets to a new fight. Now if Hashirama was p1, and Madara was p2, seeing its now one vs one, Madara would have the p1 stats, because they would be the only ones on the field.

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