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[ Lineup ] F2P Kushina team. Also looking for advice to improve it.


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So this is the team i am using right now as Asuma summer acting as the carry role.Annotation 2020-10-07 195638Annotation 2020-10-07 195107

It works great but i was wondering if i can upgrade it. These are the ninjas i have atm.

Annotation 2020-10-07 195137

Annotation 2020-10-07 195156

Annotation 2020-10-07 195214Annotation 2020-10-07 195240

My idea behind this team is for Kushina to act as the front row(tank if you may) although i dont have her breakthroughs. Breeze Dancer as the support to Asuma summer, giving chakra to the team with every chase and 40% ninjutsu increase from her talents. Naruto Chinese Style also as the support, to max out the chases and clear debuffs if needed.

I hope you like the team!

If you have any tips I would love to read them!

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