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[ Ninja Profile ] Kushina Chirstmas Passive


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  • For example, when Edo Minato use his mys, do all members of the team increase 32% attack and 12% crits or only Minato has the buff?

    Only the person using chakra gains the buff. Buff does not occur if it has 0 cost, or costs 0 due to having a certain amount of chakra like Ay 4th +2 mystery, Chojuro +2 mystery, Rinne Sasuke Y+1 mystery, etc.

    And when Kushina die, Edo Minato use his mys, does he get the buff ? And the does Kushina's buff continue after she dead or she must be revived to the other members get her buff?

    Kushina's passive applies as long as her body is on the field. The stacking only stops if you remove her from the field completely.

sad fact.

if you remove her completely (using cannot-revive skills like Madara [GNW]'s chase, Masked Man's mys, etc...)

not only does it remove the ability of scaling, but it also remove the scales that your units has ac*ulated from her passive since the beginning of the battle

so dont let her be Kamui'd !!

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