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[ Help ] Fuku is Kushina. Ok. but how does Christmas Kushina really work?


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  • Takosabi On 2020-10-07 11:41:50
  • No. Buff only happens when you actually use chakra. If you don't use any, it doesn't count.

In fact, using Sasuke is worse because if you have a mystery cost of zero, you don't get any benefit from Kushina's passive.

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  • nolanski On 2020-10-11 19:31:04
  • hello =)

    so a clarification. i have minato. now in round 1 my minato would use 40 chakra=32% increase damage right?

    now in round 2 =kushina dies

    In round 3 = my minato uses another 40 chakra will my minato get another 32% incrase attack? = 62% attack damage in round 3 even though kushina is dead. or is it referring to just the 32% attack that i got from round 1 that will remain??

    Anone from oasis could help me clear this up?

When it says its persists, it probably means that the effect is still there, even if the ninja dies. Not that it keeps happening even after Kushina dies.

Kind of like how some buffs like a Hashirama [First Hokage] Ninja god of +30% ninjutsu goes away after he dies, but a Ninja god passive where its skill trial stays after death.

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