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Estimate Seal Scrolls


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I currently have 34 seal scrolls. I was wondering if anyone who has experience keeping track of their progress can tell me about how long it will take to get to the 300. I'm a fairly endgame player, so I've got every possible f2p method of obtaining seal scrolls covered. Rough estimates please?

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This actually depends, you can get seal scroll in Matsuri,SWB,GNW, Sealed ninja and storage room! If u do top 3 every sage and 5 wins in matsuri every time you can do 300 seals in 5 months or something like that

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Its really hard to say. It depends on the rewards of lot of events and you c*so purchase SS with cps. So, considering the fact f2p, it might take 3-4 months apporox.

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And if you have a lot of 5 stars ninjas,just sweep for their frags,and recycle.You get a lot seals and summons scrolls every month.I use to make 100-120 seals per month,with GNW box,5-8 seals,2 full matsuri,buy from groceries every day,and,if I feel like,buy 2 from Monthly events.Check also black market,sometimes there is 3 seal frags for sale there,and if you in a rush,can buy also 1 frag from space-time,daily.

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