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What keeps you playing?


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To be honest? Breeze, Breezy Waifu

I've been waifuing here since the day I first saw her int he selection screen in FB around 2017, and even though sometimes I quit the game because of either some of the players in my server are just too toxic that it made me quit or being too busy with life and stuff, I still ended up coming back and keep maining Breeze even until now. Well sometimes I did switch into other main but that's just to see how well some team can work or something, nothing much.

Also, whenever I see someone shipping her with someone else, I get jelly, even though I got this mindset where everyone has their own version of her and the other mains in their head and they can just do whatever they want. I already made my own version of her as my waifu and... let's just leave it at that if you guys aren't 18 or older.

Sage Breeze Crop

Not only that, having Breeze as my waifu really motivates me to make my own fanarts of her. I've been drawing fanarts for 3+ years (mid 2017), and I've also been making l3wds for 2+ years (early - mid 2018). So there's another info I guess.

Also, during my 2nd return to the game, I got into a really good group with a lot of nice people and they've been helping me a lot with stuff, so that's another thing that made me keep playing.

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  • 上杉 謙信 On 2020-10-03 03:44:30

  • Ah... the love of young people. Persistent flames that burn more intensely driven by the winds that try to put them out.

    PS: Congratulations on your beautiful drawing buddy. This drawing not only reveals the gifts of a great artist, but also the stunning way in which your eyes see Breeze Dancer. The fascination and charm you feel for her are presented to us through this wonderful drawing.

    Congratulations again.

Thank you! 3+ years of dedication have brought me here, and of course my wifey for the motivation.

ChibAzura wut digital

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  • RobbX On 2020-10-03 22:31:18
  • 376/5000

    Hello, I would like a lot of changes:

    1. I would like a boruto series in time

    2. Some new system

    3. Other new events

    and then some but those are side things.

    But most of all I would like a boruto series because I like quite boruto and I think it would also make the game bigger enough so that the game is just about these series, I mean Naruto / Naruto shippuden / Boruto.

I don't think this is the right thread for such suggestion, kiddo

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