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What keeps you playing?


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  • Collecting is what keeps me playing, this game kind of scratches the itch from my pokemon and yu-gi-oh days, Not here for power or titles, I just want all the characters I can and have fun trying out all kinds of team

    I am not sure I understand the user above who said they would hate pvp where power is taken into account and said it is not fun being a punching bag, but pvp with power being a factor in matches would stop people from being punching bags.

    Personally I would love pvp where power is taken into account because then you would get some actual matches, pitting me up against people so powerful they could beat me with just he main character but call it a good "matching" system purely because we have the same level takes dumb to a whole new level.

    - I would like to see more characters, there are plenty of old, non-meta characters oasis could add that would not change the events or their income or annoy anyone but would liven things up a little

    - More power reward packs, we have the worst rewards of any localization

    - More pvp events, been here 3 years and I still have no idea what this "kannabi battle bridge" thing is, we can see the title in our drop down menu but we dont have the event.

    - More "event" events, it takes a long time to gather frags over multiple events I know, but it would be nice if we had some new stuff, as it stands now we know exactly when certain events will come and the rest we can take educated guesses and be right more often than not. Would be nice to log in one thursday morning and have some different events, with different rewards instead of a groundhog day scenario

    - More team instances

    - Make older ninjas more accessible, tsunade kage has been outdated since regular tsunade got her breaks, minato kage has been outdated since jonin got his bond skill, tobi has his uses but is outmatched by all modern teams.... There is no reason to still pay wall characters that are no longer worth paying for.

    - Fix zennith, still completely broken as far as I can see, the past 2 days I have tried , and 6 out of 8 rounds I have been on the waiting screen, the timer reaches zero and then says " defeat" without ever loading me into the match to begin with

    - Update the tsunade in konoha who currently doesnt sell anything useful to any player, they are all stuff obtainable for free with some patience

    - Nightmare summon, personal plea but been so close to him for so long and he has been erased from existence

    - Update group shop, adding epic refines to buy 1 at a time isnt good to anyone, it would take about 6 years of daily play to get even a decent amount from that

    - Update to mysterious shop, we have 2, i think, types of clothing and after that you never need to try and get mysterious stones again

    - Tweak bonds point system , giving a measly 3 points for beating players with a few hundred thousand more power than you, and taking away 12-15 points for losing to guys that have a million more power than you, that is just poorly designed

    - Spend less time opening new servers and more time merging existing ones. China needs to churn out new servers because their game is good enough they need to keep expanding to accommodate the number of players they have, but here we have so many dead servers, so many groups that cant reach the activity rate to register for gnw, so many groups barely kept alive by people running multiple alts, the english version of this game does not have anywhere near enough unique individual players to need over 1000 servers. My server is currently merged with 11 others, I am the only player left from my server and more than half of those 11 have no active players left at all. If I could not see the server numbers in the rankings tables I would not even have known there were that many that had been merged

    Fairly long list and im not holding my breath, but those are just some general changes/ suggestions that I personally believe would breath some life into this stale MMO

like if oasis would actually do something it would be great. geez instead of making more servers take care of exiting ones please. totally agree with all above.

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