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What keeps you playing?


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Yep, merged server still relatively active, and besides my Group is actually Active. XD
A lot of people tone down their gameplay and many new people took over old accounts.
Most of the ops have a few high level alts so they still play a lot since they have time.
Esp when they get bored, they just switch or help the newcomers in what needs.
The grind has become less grind after the pain of losing competing interest/recharge left.

What remain are the people who actually just come on to hang out and mess around.

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  • 上杉 謙信- Cosy On 2020-10-03 04:00:48
  • I was hoping you would comment on that Dosu.

    Let's keep waiting. One day they might make Dosu a playable character.

    Until that day comes.


Talking about Dosu reminds me I did one art of him which I still had not digitalized.
I enjoy drawing so much but sometimes I like to draw out of scope too. XD
When it comes to competition, sometimes there is just no way to mark two different styles of artwork on the same basis.
Most artworks have a sort of category, and if you are able to group them properly people will not get confuse.
That is quite important some times, because some people get triggered or inspired by certain kinds of works of art
And they felt a gush of passion of energy to compete their self ! some to prove or to simply want to learn even more !
I do not find that particularly unlikeable side of arts, since arts naturally also invite much critique
Which can be good and/or bad, depending on/for the individual, as some would say "Art lay in the eye of the beholder"

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smartly answered XD, got that correct my friend. only the people who knows the worth of

playing and working can bring true value to the team, thumbs up to you and your partner/s

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