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What keeps you playing?


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Suggesting something on the forums here is just as likely to happen as an asteroid hitting the Earth. Sure, it happens, but thats because they had already planned it to.

Honestly, feedback and events is on like a 4-6 month lag from when it gets introduced by someone and then actually gets implemented. I remember way back when there was a heavy whale on my server requested Hokage Minato to be in events. Said on live streams he would spend massively for it. Took about 5 months of him constantly talking about it before it got implemented. And in an RNG mode where he recharged a lot of it. And didn't get it. Then when he finally came to events (Konoha Great Tree) he recruited him, got him to 5 stars, and got extra frags to get his skill break.

As for what keeps me playing. Just cause I have the spare time for it and it doesnt take up too much of my time anymore. Do my daily stuff in 15 minutes (which only takes that long cause I dont have a jonin medal and 7 minutes of clearing Ninja Exam) then AFK for the 2 hours. Get on for about an hour in the evening for TI/Convoy/Whichever evening events are that night. Used to play for hours, now its barely an hour of gameplay. I'd probably would've quit if it took up anymore of my time. Game's just not as fun anymore on my old server and most of my friends have moved onto other games (or have moved onto a newer server after coming back).

At the end of the day, I still get some satisfaction out of the game, but that is quickly draining.

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