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What keeps you playing?


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Hello to all friends of the forum.

I would like to know from you: What are the things that make you more excited about the game and what are the things that make you want to stop?

If you have any idea for a new event , ninja or system and you want to share with us would be really nice.

TY all for your attention. Bye bye.

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  • HolotheWiseWolf On 2020-09-30 10:40:19
  • Suggesting something on the forums here is just as likely to happen as an asteroid hitting the Earth. Sure, it happens, but thats because they had already planned it to.

    Honestly, feedback and events is on like a 4-6 month lag from when it gets introduced by someone and then actually gets implemented. I remember way back when there was a heavy whale on my server requested Hokage Minato to be in events. Said on live streams he would spend massively for it. Took about 5 months of him constantly talking about it before it got implemented. And in an RNG mode where he recharged a lot of it. And didn't get it. Then when he finally came to events (Konoha Great Tree) he recruited him, got him to 5 stars, and got extra frags to get his skill break.

    As for what keeps me playing. Just cause I have the spare time for it and it doesnt take up too much of my time anymore. Do my daily stuff in 15 minutes (which only takes that long cause I dont have a jonin medal and 7 minutes of clearing Ninja Exam) then AFK for the 2 hours. Get on for about an hour in the evening for TI/Convoy/Whichever evening events are that night. Used to play for hours, now its barely an hour of gameplay. I'd probably would've quit if it took up anymore of my time. Game's just not as fun anymore on my old server and most of my friends have moved onto other games (or have moved onto a newer server after coming back).

    At the end of the day, I still get some satisfaction out of the game, but that is quickly draining.

Man, I really envy those players uncommitted with the game (not that this is your case). Those who log in when they want to play a quick game in arena, who are not in the paranoia of running after power and attributes, who are not afraid to spend all the coupons on a new ninja they want (even when they don't have a compensation for expenses). What a happy and free life it is.

These past few months I have not felt as excited about playing as I used to, and I wanted to know if more people shared that feeling.

I do not know how much of this discouragement is related to the current situation of the pandemic and some personal problems, but in part the fact that the game is somewhat repetitive contributes a little to this feeling. But reading about other players' experiences and how they encourage them to continue playing is very exciting to me. It is very good to see that despite some setbacks that discourage us at one time or another we still have reasons to continue playing with joy.

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  • ClumsyDrawer On 2020-09-30 21:11:25
  • To be honest? Breeze, Breezy Waifu

    I've been waifuing here since the day I first saw her int he selection screen in FB around 2017, and even though sometimes I quit the game because of either some of the players in my server are just too toxic that it made me quit or being too busy with life and stuff, I still ended up coming back and keep maining Breeze even until now. Well sometimes I did switch into other main but that's just to see how well some team can work or something, nothing much.

    Also, whenever I see someone shipping her with someone else, I get jelly, even though I got this mindset where everyone has their own version of her and the other mains in their head and they can just do whatever they want. I already made my own version of her as my waifu and... let's just leave it at that if you guys aren't 18 or older.

    Sage Breeze Crop

    Not only that, having Breeze as my waifu really motivates me to make my own fanarts of her. I've been drawing fanarts for 3+ years (mid 2017), and I've also been making l3wds for 2+ years (early - mid 2018). So there's another info I guess.

    Also, during my 2nd return to the game, I got into a really good group with a lot of nice people and they've been helping me a lot with stuff, so that's another thing that made me keep playing.

Ah... the love of young people. Persistent flames that burn more intensely driven by the winds that try to put them out.

PS: Congratulations on your beautiful drawing buddy. This drawing not only reveals the gifts of a great artist, but also the stunning way in which your eyes see Breeze Dancer. The fascination and charm you feel for her are presented to us through this wonderful drawing.

Congratulations again.

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  • Dosu On 2020-10-01 09:58:13
  • I'm just waiting for the day Dosu finally becomes a playable character.

I was hoping you would comment on that Dosu.

Let's keep waiting. One day they might make Dosu a playable character.

Until that day comes.


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  • Tombo Lock down On 2020-10-03 14:16:45
  • Talking about Dosu reminds me I did one art of him which I still had not digitalized.
    I enjoy drawing so much but sometimes I like to draw out of scope too. XD
    When it comes to competition, sometimes there is just no way to mark two different styles of artwork on the same basis.
    Most artworks have a sort of category, and if you are able to group them properly people will not get confuse.
    That is quite important some times, because some people get triggered or inspired by certain kinds of works of art
    And they felt a gush of passion of energy to compete their self ! some to prove or to simply want to learn even more !
    I do not find that particularly unlikeable side of arts, since arts naturally also invite much critique
    Which can be good and/or bad, depending on/for the individual, as some would say "Art lay in the eye of the beholder"

I am a great fan of visual arts. When a week of toil comes to an end and I find myself with nothing to do in the game I like to appreciate the works made by the artists of the forum in the fanfiction section. I feel my energies renewed after feasting on images of such admirable artists. After all, art is the food of the soul.

PS: I would love to see your drawing when it is finished.

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