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What keeps you playing?


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What keeping me playing are ninja exam because when you are f2p it is thé only thing that give me a Reason to power UP.

What i hate would be PvP Where power is taken into account ( not fun to just be a punching-ball in sage )

As for suggestion i Guess more thing that doesn't get finished by the 150k power mark.

Also I think strong approaching should change every 15 days rather than every month.

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What I mean is that I hate the pvp event that take power into account because as a f2p I tend to just lose again and again (thus the punching-ball ..).

Sage is just me entering and afk because of that.

Forget to put it on my first post but adding the ninja like the ones you fight on the various maps of the game could be interesting.And then add a mode where you c*e them (send them in various missions to gather some ressources liké a form of idle gameplay part).

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  • T.I.M. On 2020-09-30 00:05:04
  • Im sorry but that doesnt make sense, you have it the wrong way round

    What we have now does not take power into account and that's why you feel like a punching bag ,because it is level that matters not power, the level limit is 105, if you are 105, you will be put up against other max level people, even if they have 5 times more power than you, all because the current system does not take power into account


    If we had a system that did take power into account you would be matched against people with similar power levels, you would not be in a sage against all these people stronger than yourself, you would be in a field with people of similar power levels, so your matches would be even and you would have real chance to win

    I feel you on the sage front, register, click auto enter battlefield, go do some housework or something, its long past the point of boring now.

    Its the most baffling thing to me, a few whales would get upset about having to play the game and not auto win, but imagine how many more people would be motivated to play consistently and how many more would spend if sage was fun, if matsuri was fun, if they had rivalries going, if they stood a chance at getting rewards from sage , if they had a reason to want more power, if they had a reason to tweak their team, if they could run characters that are in their price range and not be penalized for it etc ,, but, not my call to make

Don't worry i know that level determine the bracket for sage .

Just that level in Naruto online is pretty much meaningless (outside of available way of power) when you can have like 100k power at lvl 105 or 800k also at lvl 105.Or be 60 and have 300k (if you put so much money on the game) .

Also so many ninja are rare because they can't be obtained in any way (never show up in event or in a chest ).Most of them aren't even good sure but still they add power through the new collection system .

The two snake lady ,Konohamaru (solo),Udon and Moegi,Yota and some others ... They were only available like once or twice ,they are bad but any new player (well more like 1-2 years "old" new players) didn't have any chance of getting them .--> Why not add them as a survival reward or in the group Wheel/shop ?

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