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4 year old glitch'-'


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This glitch has been happening for 4 years already!!!! the game gets stuck at 14% whenever someone does arena or tries to enter a old server,ive contacted customer support and all but their no help AT ALL.and noone seems to know how to fix it what the heck im in a chromebook,so,like am i supposed to not play anymore or what?

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We ask that you try clearing your browser's history and cache. After the first step, please refresh the game and try again. You c*so try clearing your DNS-cache and the cache of the launcher browser. To clear the DNS-cache, open a Command prompt ("Windows" key + "R" key and inside the new window enter "cmd") and, inside the command, type "ipconfig /flushdns". The cache of the Mini-Client can be cleared by using the *on "Game Doctor". Additionally, please update the Flash to the latest version and make sure that your Firewall settings allow your Flash player to run. For more information, please use the following link to try and check several ways for black and white screen troubleshooting. (if none of the methods above work, please try Method 2 in the link below)

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Hello! Sorry to hear that. I recommend trying the steps outlined by Florii, if you continue to have issues though, troubleshooting the issue might be the best solution.

I understand that you contacted Customer Support and your issue might not be resolved yet, however, that is where troubleshooting happens. You will give information in regards to your specific scenario and support would give you troubleshooting steps in order to potentially resolve your issue. If your issue is still not resolved, you can contact them again, so that you guys can look for a resolution for your specific scenario. Sometimes one solution does not resolve all issues.

You can find Customer Support here.

To help us help you better, please in the future use the Bug/Support section for support related inquiries. You can find the Bug/Support section of the forum here.

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