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[ PVP ] Minato overpower


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It seems that some developer puts more damage to minato edo .. in sand he takes 85% of everyone's life without having a tag a simple kick takes away 3500k and that is not the consecutive kick

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It does seem like he has been changed since he became more sought after, I got him the day he was released and people called me dumb for getting him because of his 3 turn cooldown and weak damage output in comparison to every other pos 1 ninja at the time, I did not care about that stuff, I just thought he was cool but thats beside the point. But he does appear to be significantly more dangerous than he was on release, even taking into account pos 1 stacking he hits harder than he should. An example of this is when I face one that is at a big disadvantage, I have 4 star minato with barrier and a large power advantage, they have 3 star minato who is only being buffed by sasori yet theirs is still able to reduce a character to sub 60% health just from their standard attack.

I have no evidence to show when things were altered, just sharing my 2 cents as a long time minato user, and since he can hit like a freight train even before any stacking chases I would also believe he has been buffed in some manner, he is now a very different beast than the one people laughed at me for recruiting and this is without his breaks

Edit** yes, he has definitely been buffed, a minato whose only buff is from kimi barrier can take out my entire team round 1, whereas my kakashi summer, also with kimi barrier and with buff from lightning and his own 60% mystery buff deals little over half that amount of damage. This is categorically not the same minato that made me the * of jokes a long time ago because he was too weak to cut the mustard as pos 1

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