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Hello here my lineup server is pretty new, near 30+ days, anyway my team really suffer when i face lineup with control, any suggestion ?

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Okay, I don't know your other ninjas, so, I'll just give some quite general advice, as I do remember how I dealt with that Asuma summer control problem!

Obvious one is raise your initiative. There is also a stat called "control". This stat increases your chance to control an enemy, or successfully have a control fail! (Yeah I said that in a weird way..)

Next thing is your team. To me, I'd go as far as saying that it's wrong. First thing, I'd change the Main to either Earth, or Lightning. Personal preference - Lightning. You lose the wind boost, but with a ninja like Asuma, who has damage going up and up, you want to survive long enough to destroy everyone.

I'd say you want to use Lightning with Calm Mind, Lightning Armour, Anbu Special Assault Tactics and Root of the Warrior. Anbu Special Assault Tactics is especially good with ninja like Asuma Summer who hit multiple targets.

If you use Earth, you could use Wood Style Deep Forest for chakra (you need to have 3 ninjas in a line) , 3rd standard attack (give shield), and wood style universal nature (replace standard attack with immobile + chakra gain if you have shield. He also has a passive that gives him and one other male ninja immune to debuff, but I would still prefer the lightning main, as the life steal makes Asuma a lot harder to kill as he gets stronger!

Another thing about the control - they can't control you if you control them! Try to replace Sakura GNW, and/or Gaara with a ninja who can provide either acupuncture/immobile/chaos from their chase.

Ino Summer is a good replacement for Sakura GNW, with Chaos. Kurenai if you can make her 4 star and get skill breakthrough is also a good option, as she improves Chakra gain, and can have chaos from her chase.

You could also try Ramen Naruto with Roshi Edo . If you do include a healer in your team , for dealing with control, it is better for one that heals two ninjas at once... since most of the time one like Sakura will clear the debuffs from your ninja with lowest life... which isn't going to be Asuma... then you don't have your hitter :(

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Hey thank you for your time, anyway i have no problem with main change, but i should prefer keep gaara, i give him skill break on passive+2 and skill break on chase, to be honest i play asume only because looks like the only good pos1 ninja i have i don't like him anyway, here lineup i try like u said, what skill should i change ?

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