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Pleas give update on where the game is going after flash support ends


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There is no updates since this post, as the date of flash ending support coming closer, I am not convinced we will be able to continue to play. As a paid player who started to play this game recently and dropped few k, I hesitate on keep paying without an promising update on how will we be able to play this game moving forward

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The word that I presume going around was, "Flash support ends because it's completed and require no more support!"

Flash loopholes were well known and deem impossible to further fix IT

Many browser/s that do not consider Flash as a safe system to implement upon >

CHOOSE to remove Flash from their most Current versions in order to protect the New Generation of Internet Users,

however, there R still Flash-enable-Browsers around for those who are accustom to Flash and are willing to risk the security loopholes.

IF Naruto Online does not want to port it's services to another (secured) platform, then continuing players will have to CHOOSE to accept or not

the RISKs using a A Flash-enable-Browser/ or the adapted Mini-client in order to play the game.

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Our team is currently discussing things and working things out on our side so rest assured that further statements regarding this matter will be announced any time soon as we are getting close to the End-of-Flash issue date. Thank you.

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