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Can someone explain when does the server merges happen? Like, the last requests were opened on 02.09.2020 so it has been 2 weeks today and the people can still request merges. How long does the requests go? In the description, it says the server merger will take place every 2 weeks. So, when do they anounce the servers that will merge? I've been asking questions in comments or to friends but nobody gives a definite answer.

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-09-17 02:26:15
  • Hello,
    You are free to request server merges as much as you'd like. The server merges will occur once Oasis feels that they are necessary, which is not at the same point as when the player base feels that they are necessary, unfortunately. The line, "server merges will take place once every two weeks" is in error and is meant to say "no more than once ever two weeks".
    Server merges will be announced in the News forum when they are happening. Asking friends about them won't really help, because your friends won't really know about merges ahead of time. The only way to find out about a merge is to check the News forum for the announcement. That's really the only way to find out about a merge announcement.
    I hope this helps, and sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for the clarification. My question was meant to be more like:

[How long does it take merges to happen after the "Server Merge Requests" topic open in the "News" section. For example, if the topic is opened and people start making requests on some day of the month, how long will it take to merge the servers that Oasis thinks qualify for a merge. Is it 2 weeks or a month etc.]

So my question is not "when will my server merge". It's more like "how long does it take before Oasis merges requested servers which also qualify for a merge".

Hope this clears misunderstanding about my question :)

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-09-17 05:31:02
  • It really depends on how long it takes for the problem to reach a critical mass. If there are enough server merge requests and the servers in question fulfill the other requirements for a merge, then it could be quite quick. If not, then it might not ever happen. We have servers that have never seen a merge. There's really no way to be certain, and those policies have never been made public. Unfortunately, we just have to check the News forum weekly for updates.

So, neither do you nor us players have no insight on who'll get merges and when will they get it, whatsoever? And, all we can do is just check news section if there is any updates on the matter. That's... odd.

Edit: I don't blame you though. That's just Oasis policy apparently.

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