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Any best lineup for Nagato edo tensei without Breakthrough for Arena or 1v1


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Hmm, i'd recommend using other edos with him for the cleanse ofcourse. but honestly idk if u're f2p or p2w so imma give some lineups for both with different mains, not the best but hope it helps ^^



a nice and friendly f2p team. too much ignition, would be a good team unless ur opponent's immune to debuffs.

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the edo akatsuki team. A nice team that'd be good for the 1st 2 rounds, if the battle goes for too long u may be be at a disadvantage. Round 1 use nagato and round 2 use deidara. round 3 is empty so enemy might go for the kill here. pretty good cleansing+ extra standard.


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u can change main's passive1 to either wind dance or wind style enhancement (2 or 3) both work i guess. u c*so change jinpachi with gaara kazekage

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thats a p2w unless u've been saving alot.

u can change positions if u like, i'm not so good at that lol. Thats it i guess, i'm outta ideas.

would've been better if u have put ur ninja list in here tho.

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