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Wind Lineup pos 3


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Hi, im using currently this team . Iv been using Shisui Susano with those and they work pretty well. but so far. he aint got BT and i would like to use a strong pos3, do you have any suggestions for the missing pos 3 ? Let me know, open your fantasy :D


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Rinne Sasuke

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does it matter that shisui susano doesnt have breaks? isnt he already op, at the price tag for him I would hope so.

But what about kakashi summer, would get long ass chases with that team, could work very well depending on which madara breaks you use and the 60% buff to minato mystery cant be a bad thing.

Or a round 1 control character? hashi new year, kurenai summer,ibki

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Go with Edo Nagato or Edo Itachi if u have one of them

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I will try something guys, anyone else suggestions ?

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