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[ Lineup ] Jugo [Taka Squad] Lineups


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Hey guys!



Mystery: a poor man's tsunade ? :D he is quite interesting

Standard Attack: pretty good, chaos debuff

Chase: interrupt plus ignoring some def/res so it does good damage

Passive 1: this is basically the mystery

Passive 2: Jugo being at 10% hp = 90% atk/nin non-removable buff for curse mark units which I think is a really strong passive

1. Earth Main


a strong cursed mark units team, it's only lacking some immunity (debuff removals)

2. Lightning Main


lightning main version of the team above

3. Fire Main


A bit on the cancer - long fight side

4. Fire Main 2


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u miss 1 thing tho

if he dies, the scale stays

so curse mark units in his lineup will get a 100% buff ="))

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D-a-m-n, I Didn't Expect To See My Main Team's "Final Form" Here..Nice (And That Goes For The Lightning Team That Is Listed Here As Such)

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