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About crazy slot machine 1st prize


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I just luckly got the first prize. Just wondering which one I need to claim, ten tail Madara uchiha or 80k cp?

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coupons for sure, without knowing you personally, unless you are incredibly rich and/or incredibly lucky the chances of winning a jackpot prize twice are negligible at best and while madara is cool, there is a reason you only see the top spenders using him now that his breaks are out, you really need him 4 star if you want to run him on a daily basis and not just have some fun with a rare ninja now and then.

Whereas 80k coupons can get you a lot of power and a few new ninjas if you can be patient and use it during multiple fukus.

grats btw

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I can say that this event is very random i spend like 250/300 spins without any second place xD However i will take 80k coupons every day, i think it's the best to get power and good ninjas in 2-3 months with 2-3 fuku events garanteed :D

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