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[ Suggestions ] What to do about features like Team Slots


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Whoever can help it, pass this on will you?

In the ninja screen we have two team creation slots that are disabled unless one has a medal.

Unlock these slots and allow the players access to them for free. If justification is needed for why this is needed for free here goes:

This game is about team building strategies and working with just three is....(not sure the best words for it) very uncomfortable/irritating, especially with over 200 ninjas to play with and the different formations needed between events. I know it's supposed to create this feeling of pressure to unlock the slots by making them scarce and so people buy medals for the convenience. However, formation-building is a fundamental piece of the game and the extra slots should not be pay-walled.

If funding the game is an issue and what should be core functionality to the game has to be milked for funds, then I suggest improving the existing perks for the jonin medal instead. Brand new or improved jonin medal perks meaning never existed before in the game like brand new TIs with better tool stats, new maps with special quests, special pvp events, enhanced graphics, increased sun and moon caps, discounts for redeemable items, or other things like that. Doing this will make supporting the game more attractive instead of having a tiny amount of people grudgingly buy the medal and the rest outright not caring to buy them at all.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. As you seem to realize, this is one of the bigger benefits that Jonin medals provide. Others have also suggested still allowing Jonin medal owners to get two extra team slots, but increasing theirs to seven team slots, while non-medal owners will receive the five slots. Is this something you would be interested in as well, or would you like to see benefits added elsewhere?

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Thank you for your response.

Yes to both. I'd be interested in what the others have suggested (5 slots default) and two additional for Jonin medal holders.

That said, supporting the game should still be made more attractive to more than a handful of people. Many of the perks in the Jonin medal should be improved. I say this even as a non-medal holder.

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The chinese version of naruto online has more team slots, so we should be getting them in the future. They have 8 slots for jonin medal users.

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