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[ Help ] Error talent warrior


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I do not know if anyone has had this problem .. but I use warrior that the ability to be immune to sasuke for at least two rounds .. against evils state fire.poison tag paralysis .. the enemy was playing he had no gun ninja that broke immunity me they put tag. Well, well, it's an error, but in the next round they put me back again, but fire and paralysis ... the first time that happens today, Monday ..using main light.


and when I use sasuke's ability having the double sword talents that allows you to perform the ability again after killing a ninja or clone, kill several ... it did not reset ... how strange ... first time that happens..aah battle in bonds

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  • Shiro2536 On 2020-09-08 21:41:38
  • If you used more than 3 sword ninjas, sasuke may not have gotten the buff.

Sasuke rinne

Gaara kazekage


Main light

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  • brensonlee On 2020-09-13 06:11:18
  • I definitely see a couple holes in your strat. I get Gaara is OP, but other than tanking damage, what does he do? Same with Samehada, he's cool to interrupt, but does he offer anything else? So many people have ignition and breaking super armor is out there too. I don't claim to be an expert, but most high level teams are gonna cancer you down just by focusing on Sasuke, which is exactly what is happening. You have no counters to any counters coming your zero.

    Now we see why you are having a hard time with Kakashi Summer and Hallow Kimi.

I know naruto online well but it is not bad to know other experiences .. but your information is not based on breaking immunity given by my main of light .. and none One of the aforementioned ninjas breaks that ... I say this because I've been using my formation for a long time and I know how it goes for an enemy that breaks any of these variations of immunity with ninjas. it is really impossible for them to do so. but it still seems to be resolved .. since it was that day that happened to me when I published it .. I tried other days and it worked normally.

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