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[ Fanfiction ] NO x inFAMOUS SS: Chapter 4.


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*After staying 2 days on Diamond City, Midnight keeped doing his best work to sweep out DUP from that city, not only that, his streak of doing good stuff on the people, keep growing. Now the people started to admire him.

On that lapse of 2 days, Kakashi helped him to find some Core Relays, so Midnight could get more powers. He learned tricks like:

Throw a Smoke Grenade - throw heavy ammo, called by him the "Cinder Missile" and move itself twice in the air, using his Smoke powers.*

Midnight: Hmpf... I need more power... I need enough power so I can save my people.

Kakashi *by phone*: Hey dude, I found you a last Core Relay. And well... it's...

Midnight: Where is it?

Kakashi: Well, if you wanted to visit this city time ago...

Midnight: Really? The Space Needle?

Kakashi: Yep, the Space Needle.

Midnight: Coming.

*The young white haired boy arrived to the Space Needle and using his Parkour experience, combined with his Smoke power, he started to climb the SN. When he was on half way, he recieved a call from Kurenai.*

Midnight: Kurenai?

Kurenai: Hi, young boy. I've heard that your brother and you went to the Space Needle on Diamond City. Is that correct?

Midnight: More than correct, I'm climbing the Space Needle, but... it's kinda hard climb while I'm talking. Sorry.

Kurenai: Okay, okay. Just... send me a letter from Diamond City.

Midnight: Alrighty, I'll check later if the store is open. Bye bye, Kurenai.

Kurenai: Goodbye, honey.

*again with Kakashi*

Midnight: I'm wondering why I can absorb powers from those people like Scarlet... and not from one of those guys from the DUP...

Kakashi: Well, tecnically, it seems that you can absorb powers from those Primary Conduits like Scarlet, and with luck, Crimson. You can't absorb it from Secondary Conduits like those guys from the DUP.

Midnight: Hmpf, I hope you're right. Oh, while we're talking, I've arrived to the peak of the SN.

Kakashi: Can you see the Core Relay here?

Midnight: Yep, here it is- *someone trapped his legs with Stone* WHAT THE-?!

*In front of him, there was a type of "sub-leader" that it controls perfectly the Stone power*

Midnight: Well, Kakashi. TTYL. I must take care of those mofos.

*Some minutes later, after subduing the people who surrounded the Space Needle, Midnight took his time to open the Core Relay. Once he started to drain the CR, he saw how he turned into a type of "meteor", using his Smoke powers, rising so high and then, falling like a meteor*

Midnight: Oh... this will be... amazing. This surely will be enough to take off this anchoring system. Hmm? *there was 3 people of the DUP without being subdued*

Kakashi: What are you waiting for?

Midnight: Just give me a moment...

*After subduing the DUP guys, Midnight felt like he was doing a "Karmic Streak". This means that if he does 7 good Karma actions, he'll be able to do a Karmic Streak attack.*

Midnight: Anchors removed.

*Using his Smoke power, he rised so high on the sky, and then, he started to fall. When he touched the ground, all the electric and anchoring system that controlled the SN was going down.*


Kakashi: Good move, Smokey Boy.

Midnight: Whatever, Mr. Mask. Now I'll leave my stencil art here, on this flag.

Kakashi: Wait, what...?

Midnight: Well, you know what they say. "A trip of a thousand miles, it starts with a simple sign."

Kakashi: Where did you found that?

Midnight: ... internet.

*Some minutes later*

Kakashi: Oh, yes. I'm watching that.

Midnight: Really? Konoha's guys can watch that.

Infamous Second Son - Let's Play - #04 - Die Space Needle - YouTube

*When Midnight went to the floor, some people were watching that.*

Person 1: Hey, this guy's art is amazing, but... where's he?

Person 2: Idk... the "Banner Man" leaved the place before we could ask him anything.

Midnight: ... *goes away*

Kakashi: Hey bro, good work, you need to res-

Midnight: Do you think that I need a publicist?

Kakashi: W-Why are you asking that?

Midnight: The people here it's calling me "banner man" and... it's a true horrible name. Why just not... "Smokey Man" or "Smoke Bomb"?

Kakashi: Whatever bro, now rest. I'm talking with some people here on the Diamond City Police Department, searching about anything of a new Conduit.

Midnight: Welp, it seems that I'll rest a bit. Keep me tuned, okay?

Kakashi: Okay.

The end.

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  • Great Jiraiya On 2020-09-09 23:07:04
  • Intresting

    Wheres Jiraiya :p

He will not appear in my story.

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  • Great Jiraiya On 2020-09-10 20:26:19
  • i see because theres non jiraiya typed girls


Don’t insist.

This is my fanfic, and I’ll write it as I want.

Forget the idea that stuff like: n*dity or s*xy girls will appear.

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  • Hina Devil On 2020-09-12 12:15:06
  • oh yea XD reading 2 chapters at once is wonderful

    want give u a lot

Thanks Hina :'3

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