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[ Lineup ] Unorthodox lineup series: Xmas Minato


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So a friend of mine got Xmas minato recently and I have been trying various teams with him in bonds, suggesting him some for sage, etc.

Xmas minato

Every minato is always good in this game and my case stands again; here are some fun lineups showing some love to him-

1. "The Shira's still good" lineup


Shira's mystery every round and his scaling, samui giving him super armor, lightning main with buff removal and root; minato with his barrier buffing shira and debuff clear all synergise quite well.


proxy (1)

Don't Underestimate the raikage!... chakra scaling from yamato, minato's barrier buff, leech from lightning main and the raikage's iron willed fury are made for each other.

3. Father-Son Duo

proxy (7)

proxy (7)

A big budget team, but tsunade can be replaced with madara or bee , just preferred tsunade cuz this team is a bit low on defense

minato and naruto

"Anyways, not everything kaa-chan wanted from me went well, I train lots and lots everyday; I may not bath everyday but I do go to the springs every often; she was right about Ero-sennin too, but he, iruka sensei and gramps third hokage taught me so much about being a shinobi. Oh, I am not that good at studies but I'm trying my best!!!! I have lots of friends though there is one I'm having troubles with right now. I don't have much luck with girls either... but tell her not to worry about me. Lastly, I'll become an even stronger and cooler hokage than you tou-san, so tell kaa-chan not to worry about me"


4. Mada mada from these Madaras please..

proxy (2)

GNW Obito's insane shields, kakuzu giving him more standards , clearing debuffs with minato and giving extra standards for more shields; Obito scaling with his chase... need I say anything more?

NOTE- Breakthrough GNW Obito makes this team much much better; if your Obito isn't skillbooked, p1 Kakuzu is much better-


5. Kaboom?


Yes deidara... KABOOM!

proxy (6)

Barrage of Deidara's (Deidara Akatsuki Inception to be precise) AOE standards with hyperscaling isn't gonna let many people survive.

fire main with leech and a handy mystery, minato with the barrier, jigokudo keeps regaining HP and chakra cuz of dying spiders and those burning opponents.. c*e wind main also with the shield removal passive and impetus mystery, chakra coordination passive which fits in really well for jigokudo.

6. Swordsmen of the Bloody Mist Village

proxy (8)

Breakthrough Chojuro can be good outside ninja exams too...Suigetsu Taka Squad is one reason why

Kushimaru may also work,sadly he lacks scaling...

7. Wind Blades go WHOOSH!!

proxy (4)

Wind blade asuma is underrated...chakra hyperscaling , undodgeable mystery, removes shields and buffs, increases enemy cooldown, bloodthirsty..what else do you need in a free ninja?

PS- What I expected Asuma's mystery damage to be based on the description



proxy (3)

P1 Rock Lee in 2020 cuz why not?

FINALLY..... drum rolls-

9. Heart Flux Blitz

proxy (9)

You may not have asked for it, but you know that deep down you wanted it.

I've used yugao here cuz her immunity passive would be very useful against enfeeble causing edo minatos when light main is not immune due to lack of root and presence of bloodthirsty passive.
Yugao isn't available in EN version so for now alternatives could be edo itachi p2 or summer kurenai p2.

Anbu Yamato p2 could also work.

That's all folks

Ciao... feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

Check ICEx's post for more lineups-

link to UNOFFICIAL Community Discord-

link to Lineup simulator-

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