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[ Bugs ] Mini Client Issues


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The mini client is having more game access issues. I have *t account that I have to delete from the client and then add back every single time I log it in. I would use the browser, but the solutions given in the forums no longer work. Yes, they did work at first, but now they don't.

If there is no real plan to fix the game access/flash issue I have a right to know that. I don't want to recharge in a game that is no longer supported or can't even run half the time even though there are posts here pretending we will move to a more stable platform. As those claims were made for longer than I've been playing (+1.5 year).

Actually, I won't recharge until there is a date on when we move to something stable or when these issues will be fixed. If the game runners won't support for the game, *shrug* why should I.

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Hello, as stated in the following post from June, there is a plan for the future of this game, Oasis just is not ready to release the exact information to the players yet.

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