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[ Events ] finally I recruited hashirama new year


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  • Melio975 On 2020-09-02 02:55:28
  • An immunity suppressing ninja in fireworks would be really helpful as nowadays full teams with Perma immunity are really annoying.

ibiki is the only one worth his weight though, since his control has a chakra minimum to be removed and he drains chakra, kurenai and hashi's are too easily removed, every single fire user can remove it because the only mystery that fire main users run is the shield, waters passive heal can remove it, so can winds dance of impetus, so can kakuzu,sakura,shizune,kabuto,sasuke ronin,gakido..... literally any debuff remover in the game, unless you run into a very very specific team that has an immune to supress + no means of chakra recovery + no debuff removers at all, unless you run into that exact team characters like hashi and kurenai summer are not worth having in your team

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