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[ Events ] finally I recruited hashirama new year


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You think rappers love money?Chinese people love money

we love receiving it spending it throwing up in the air

I know you hear that

the chinese people greet each other are not happy new year

is hope you get rich

gong xi fa cai in mandarin

and gong hey fat choy in cantonese

it means hope you get rich

we got the god of money which chinese called cai shen yea

we pray for him throwing the ingots god please give us some money

like you recharging ingots and give us some coupons

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  • Qv On 2020-08-29 23:35:16
  • Haha. I guess the hype and excitement always hits his nerves to click the caps lock key xD

    To topic's author, congrats!

I hear the rumors that next fireworks are omoi summer and hashirama new year

Is it real?

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  • Shiro2536 On 2020-08-29 20:58:55
  • Nice bro, but you should stop making posts in all caps. It's funny how your title is all lowercase and your post is all caps.

yea funny yea worldwide entertain you all

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