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Which ninjas to choose?


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Madara GNW SB, Edo Minato SB or Sasuke Rinne SB? Which one I should get?

My good ninjas are: Kakuzu EGF SB, Kushina Habanarero full SB, Edo Nagato SB, Garaa 5th kazekage full SB, Naruto SO6P, Shikamaru Chunnin SB, Zetsu SB, Izuna SB.

And I'm now at 242k BP. I also need a team to pass the 300 level ninja exam.

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I would choose from either madara or minato.

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Yep, madara is a great choice. Talking of that, if you're really a fan of Naruto, and want to know how much filler is in a popular anime series Naruto, you can visit this Naruto filler article, I could find recently. It has really huge lists of all episodes, with detailed information about each episode of Naruto. I like it.

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