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[ Events ] Kisame Hoshigaki Samehada Fusion


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I wish the game could put kisame fusion back into the event again.

He is so valuable with my kushina team, if I can see him on the event I will DEFINITELY recharge for him since I only need 27 more fragments.

I wish that kind of event would appear in the next fuku cycle. Thank you so much.

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when his breakthroughs are released, its probable that he'll be in the events. they'll probably release it next month but not so sure.

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he is so good without breakthrough. if he has breakthrough later I will recharge more for his fragments. he is the only ninja I want in this game.

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If you want to suggest something for future events, please visit our News Section and look for the latest Event Feedback Forms or visit our Bugs and Support Section and make a thread regarding your suggestions. Thank you.

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