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[ Lineup ] Ranked battle Akatsuki me<x>ta


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With today's new Skillbreak for Madara GNW i got the idea to bring back oldschool full pain/akatsuki ranked team.

Well..? It worked amazing, got me rank 1 in non-merged servers and iam getting close to beating 1.1mil power rank 3 guy. (im 745k bp)

Bez názvu


I didn't beat him sadly yet!


Why does this works so great now? Its because we finnaly got skillbreaks for all pains and yeah.. they are really PAIN in the ass if you use all of them.

Let's look what does this lineup gives to us :


70% Ninjutsu

70% Attack + 55% Critical rate

150% Resistance

90% Defense

40% Resistance shield to 9 Akatsuki units

+ Mystery skills cannot miss + Every rinnegan unit have immunity to debuffs as long as they have shield.

All these buffs coming also to my GNW Madara who already has 60% dmg increase to jinch. units + buffs from main + his scaling chase that gives him 20% nin/att + Rinne sasuke (Edo minato is there for clearing all mysteries 2nd round) Halloween kimimaro is optional, i use him for Another 60% buff to my GNW madara mystery.

So if you are gettin' one shooted by Kimi or Frog naruto then try this lineup and lemme know the results.

(unless they are using Edo Madara or other field buff clearing ninja 446297554267668510)

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