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[ Strategy Share ] How to counter Edo Minato SB with Kakuzu EGF SB?


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I just want to ask which ninja we c*e with Kakuzu EGF SB to counter Edo Minato SB?

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kakuzu is not a good option for minato counter since minato dodge standards with high chance and kakuzu is a standard attack damage dealer

sasuke rinne with kakuzu should counter nice, super armor makes it hard for minato to chase, just pop the dodge with standard and spam sasuke mystery

also kushina is a pretty good minato counter but she isnt a good combo with kakuzu

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Plus minato has enfeeble passive so even if kakuzu hits minato his power will greatly decrease so get ninjas that can make kakuzu immune or ninjas that can increase cooldown cause minato's mystery can cause heavy damage

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