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[ Updates ] Great Plates III Content


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Hi! So what's inside these new packs? Asking now with 24h time so i don't have to come back again tomorrow morning to open this same post :/


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Nvm saw the reply in the event post, thx anyway aand yea.. just like they're saying in there, reconsider those ninjas please.
It's no good you "upgrade" a pack just to choose worse ninjas and that's not even my opinion, let's compare them real quick.

Before Edo Itachi Now Edo Itachi - Nothing changed yet you call it upgrade
Before Naruto Ronin Now Naruto Ronin - Nothing changed yet you call it upgrade
Before Rinne Sasuke Now Naruto 6p - Rinne is better for the fact he's got a breakthrough.
Before Kurenai Summer Now Temari Christmas - Uhh... never saw anyone using Temari, that should let you know how bad she is.
Before Guy Summer Now Sasori Creation - Both are good, I even prefer Sasori here, so you score a point.

So what do we have?
2 ninjas were the same
2 ninjas were better
1 ninja is kinda better than before

Re-think the ninja options of the packs please.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. It will be passed along.

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