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Pain - Tendo SBT and frags


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so.... I was just wondering is there any other way to obtain Tendo frags beside the 80 frags you get from "Ultimate Training" and using Seal Scrolls on "Tendo Treasure"? I'm asking because it's ridiculously hard to get frags for some ninjas, and (almost) impossible for F2P to 4-star them, yet, they have SBT that basically that NO ONE, literally NO ONE uses. Never seen anyone with 4-star Tendo on my server (1200+) which is year+ old or on cross-server.

I'm writing this, because it would be so much fun if they were more ways to get some ninja frags in order to SBT them. It would bring so much variety in the game. Are they such updates/game improvements to be expected in the future or should we wait for miracles???

Disclaimer: no, I'm not complaining that I don't have Tendo SBT as F2P, it's not important to have him. It's just an example. Point is: 1. No one has it 2. Even if it wasn't useless, still both f2p (or p2w) wouldn't have it cuz it's too much trouble to collect.

Bottom line: make older ninja BT easier to obtain, if possioble, Thank you

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I've seen him once or twice in event shop long time ago when he first got BT. It was ridiculously expensive at ~500 coupons a frag.

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