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[ Fanfiction ] NO x inFamous Second Son: Chapter 1 (part 2)


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Kakashi: Just promise me that you won't use that technique again.

Midnight: But I wouldn't reach to you if I didn-

Kakashi: JUST... promise you won't do that again.

Midnight: Okay, okay...

*Some minutes later, after some walking, they've reached into the workplace where it was some retired ninjas. The 2 white haired boys couldn't go inside, cuz the entrance it was blocked with anything*

Kakashi: Geez, he blocked the entrance.

Midnight: But how he did went inside to that place?

Kakashi: Guess he just passed it, using his ability.

Midnight: ... *sighs and goes inside using his Smoke power*

Sakura: OMG! Midnight is a bioterrorist!

Kakashi: That's not-! *sigh* Geez, if the people knows about your skill, they will fear you...

Midnight: Now... how should I go inside...?

*After some watches, Midnight saw a ventilation duct and he used his Smoke power on it, reaching the top of that workplace*

Midnight: Wow... a duct... that will help...

*He noticed that all the place was turning into ashes*

Kurenai: Get away from me, monster!

Scarlet: You have to listen to me...!

Midnight *on the other side*: K-Kurenai...! I must save her...! *picks a chain and starts to smash the burning tables*

Kurenai: Get away...!

Midnight *opens the door*: Stop!

Scarlet: Look, I'm trying to help her... but she refu-

Midnight *angry and shows his arm with Smoke*: YOU'VE MADE ME THIS!

Scarlet: ... You're a Conduit?!

Kurenai: *surprised*

Midnight: Kurenai, you must get out of here, I'll handle this.

*Kurenai runs away*

Scarlet: Well, I must get out of here too.

Midnight: You won't go anywhere... until you repair this!

Scarlet: *shooting Smoke bullets*: Hey, IDK what happened, but you must be prepared to run away.

Midnight: WHY?! *strikes him with his chain*

Scarlet: You're a Conduit now, boy. Welcome to the world of "run for your life".

Midnight: Help me to cure this! *strikes him with his chain mixed with Smoke power*

Scarlet: *running* This isn't anything you can "cure".

Midnight: At least, help me to control it.

Scarlet: There's not time, I must run, before he arrives, and he knows I'm trying to escape from him.

Midnight: Yeah, sure. Whoever who's searching you, it wants you dead.

Scarlet: They saw you, bro. He have special skills to make people talk.

Midnight: You won't go anywhere!

*Midnight traps him and starts to get Scarlet's Smoke energy. Not only that, he started to watch how it was Scarlet's life, inside of DUP's jail. (DUP: Department of Unified Protection)

Scarlet: I saw you, watching inside of my brain...

Midnight: That was me? I thought it was you...

Scarlet: You saw it, right? That DUP's jail. If you're trapped, there's where you'll go.

Midnight: Oh, no no no no no, there's no way I'm going to be trapped into a jail.

Scarlet: Good luck with your problem with him, boy *opens the door and closes it, leaving the building*

Midnight: Ohhh, no way I'm going to die, surrounded by papers.

*Someone started to freeze Scarlet, into a Stone burial*

Scarlet: S-Stop, let's talk about th-! *silenced by the Stone trap*

Crimson: ... Oh, Scarletty, I'm dissapointed of you...

Midnight *acting*: Well, we trapped him. Good work, guys. That dirty Conduit deserved to be buri-

Crimson: Bioterrorist.

Midnight: ...

Crimson: Scarlet Blaze is a Bioterrorist. "Conduit" is the name of a traitor who shares his pain. You're not... a "traitor"... aren't ya?

Midnight: I, uh... I'm trying not to be it...

Crimson: ... You look nervous.

Midnight: Hm...? No, no...

Crimson: In my experience... there's 2 reasons that explains the behavior of anyone who gets nervous... he's hiding anything... or it's a coward...

Midnight: ...

Crimson: You were inside with him. He... shared anything with you...?

Midnight: ... uh... "share"?

Crimson: He told you anything...?

Midnight: ... No, he didn't.

Crimson: Well, that's good to know.

Midnight: That's're not a bioterrorist too?

Crimson: ... *tries to trap Midnight with Stone power* Yes, yes I am. Sometimes you must fight fire with more fire. Now I know that you're not a coward, you're hiding me anything. I'll ask it again. You have... anything to tell me?

Midnight: Again, he didn't- *some Stone daggers appeared in his legs* G-GAH...! *kneels*

Crimson: ... They told me that hurts... *stabs him again*

Kurenai: I may know what happened...!

Midnight: NO! K-Kurenai...!

Crimson: Well, I'll just continue with more people, until I find anything to know. You must know that Stones are not good for bones. One more time, you have anything to say me...? Or you want I start with your friends...?

*In this part, Midnight must choose:

- Confess he's a Conduit, with the intention to protect his family (and turn into a Hero)

- Sacrifice his friends and keep his secret (and turn into a Villain)*

Midnight: ... I'm a Conduit.

Crimson: What?

Midnight: I've said... I'm a Conduit...! I took his power from... some minutes ago...

Crimson: "You took it"... How funny *knocks him out*

Kurenai: NO! MIDNIGHT!

Crimson: Hey, Kurenai. You must know more than him... *stabs her on her legs*

Midnight: ...

Crimson: Yeah, they told me that hurts...


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