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Do You Think That We'll Ever See Boruto Characters..?


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  • Esponix On 2020-08-19 08:50:34
  • So, Do You Mean That You Can Only Use Naruto Characters In This Game Only Though (As Of Now That Is) Or Could That Change Later Down The Line Though..?

The mod can't really answer more than what he said as he nor Oasis is in charge of getting the rights to Naruto/Boruto. Tencent (the original server) is in charge and whether their partnership with Bandai continues with Boruto is up to them.

As a player, you can just wait until if Tencent adds Boruto characters on the China server so that other servers like ours get it.

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  • AnzuMasaki On 2020-08-20 05:36:30
  • The simplest answer is at best a maybe. Yes Tencent the governing parent company got boruto characters approved for their mobile game, however for various reasons we will likely never see a port of that game. Even if the CN/Tencent servers do get Boruto characters added to the game there is no guarantee that would mean our OAsis servers would be approved to use those characters.

    -side note- Boruto as a series is not necessarily even a Naruto property *weird to imagine*

    That said I'd love to one day see Sarada and Mirai appear...

It's not to imagine if you aren't in the industry. Boruto and Naruto in essence are two different entities in terms of IP. If the boruto world continued like any new season like shippuden in the naruto series - then there would be only one IP.

However, I believe Tencent stopped caring about updating Naruto Online due to the lack of interesting updates to the game. They could have added bits of the story when they stopped a long time ago but chose not to and focus on random skins that are OP. The lack of interest, the decreasing share of browser games in the gaming market and Tencent focusing on other games (Naruto mobile) just tells me Boruto characters in Naruto Online isn't likely.

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