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[ Help ] Space Time Items Exchange


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Ive always wondered, why is it that we cant exchange some items in space time? Items we dont need anymore, such as for me personally, (specifically) Super Kage Scroll's and battle armor cloths. Ive tried to figure out why they arent included there but i cant really think of a good explanation other than oasis must have forgotten to add them.

Would like to request them to fix this, as i dont wanna sell each item for those ridiculously silly low prices. But i dont know how to go about making requests or even what to say in one really. So ill just leave this here for now.

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Hi! The reason why some items are not available to exchange in the "Get Bet Chips" tab in space time and redeem other items in the "Redeem For Items" tab is because only specific items were implemented into this feature. This does get updated over time with the addition of other items. No, it was not forgotten, it just was not implemented yet =p

I will forward the suggestion to include other items in both tabbed features. In the future, please use the "Suggestion Thread" found in Bug/Support section here. You c*so give your suggestion to Customer Service directly here.

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