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Power up (update)


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  • Hofuandou On 2020-08-16 13:00:05
  • What justification? I did not move or delete anyone, but between the teams I have a difference 3-4k.

The reason for the possible difference is if you have different lineups. Each lineup is separate and can have different choices of Ninjas (the specific ones you choose), Equipment (which includes the Magatamas and Rune Stones equipped on it), Treasured Tools, Assist links, Tactics, etc; this means your power can be affected based on which lineup you choose. The reason for lineup being separate is to give people more control over what each lineup does. I would recommend going through and check to make sure it is the right lineup.

TLDR: When you change lineup, it changes your ninjas and all the power options that are connected to them. This can effectively change your power. The "Power Changes Detail" shows you changes, this includes power fluctuations made by you due to changing your lineup.

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