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[ Fanfiction ] NO x inFamous Second Son fanfic: 1st Chapter (part 1)


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*Some time ago, there it was a race of humans with some natural powers. And no, I'm not talking of the Chakra natures, this is different, more... "biological".

The name of those beings is "Conduits". They're humans with natural powers.

Sadly, the goverment made his best work to stop them, and the Conduits were known now as "Bioterrorists".

Anyway... in Konoha, a guy called Midnight, it was doing a Stencil Art on his big brother's giant picture. He made his own brother look like a clown*.


Midnight: Heh, if being an artist is a crime, then...

*He listened some steps getting closer*

Midnight: Oh, geez... well, think, Midnight... hmmm... yeah... I'll go to the Hokage's room, and I'll make a joke to him... I'm a criminal mastermind...

*When he tried to escape, he thrown away some empty cans, making some noise*

Midnight: Genius...

???: Who's there?!

*A black haired woman with summer clothes appeared*

Midnight: *sigh* It's me, Kurenai... can you hide your kunai?

Kurenai: What you're doing here? What happened about that stuff of the "big work" on the Hokage's office?

Midnight: Well, not gonna lie, you look so beautiful today, did you brushed your hai-?

Kurenai: What you were doing upstairs...?

Midnight: Well-

Kurenai: Looking for troubles?

*knock knock knock*

???: Come on! I know you're there! Get the hell out of here, before I ask Kurenai for the keys!


Kurenai: You were looking for troubles, young man.

Midnight: Come on, what you're going to do?

Kurenai: ... *sigh* He's the Hokage... but anyway... go away. I'll be back in 5 minutes, and if you're here...

Midnight: Thanks, Kurenai.

Both: "It's the last time."

*Midnight took his chance to escape and Kurenai stopped that guy*

Midnight: And my plan is going so good...

*When he tried to open the door, Kakashi, the 6th Hokage was waiting for him, and obviously, he was mad*

Midnight: Heya, bro... I was looking for you like... an eternity... we should go ins-

Kakashi *taking his arm*: You have any idea of how shameful is to me, scold to my own little brother?!

Midnight: You should stop scolding your own brother, then.

Kakashi: You think this is funny?!

Midnight: No, I was-

Kakashi: You think our father would be proud of this? "Vandalism and other little crimes"?

Midnight: Listen to me, while you're working on your Hokage's spot, I'm trying to leave my sign on this world-

Kakashi: "Leaving your sign on this world", I mean, WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

Midnight: Why you're always doing this to me, Kakashi?! Let me be myself once, geez!

Kakashi: What's this plan you have on mind?!

Midnight: If you only could listen to me, I can explain it!

Kakashi: Yeah?! I guess your plan it won't work!

Midnight: ... Kakashi...?

Kakashi: WHAT?!

Midnight: ... truck. *points somewhere*

*A truck crashed into a wall, exploding, and 2 people with orange suits escaped*

Kakashi: I'm after those 2, stay away from this.

Midnight *sarcastic*: Stay away, from this, sure.

*Kakashi left the place, and Midnight saw a guy with black hair and red eyes, using a orange jail suit and trapped in one spot*

Midnight: Oh... *helps him*

Scarlet: Thanks, dude... I think I was going to die if you didn't saved me...

Kakashi: What's going on, Mid?

Scarlet: ... oh, the Hokage! *punches Midnight and traps him*

*Kakashi was going to use the Raikiri*

Kakashi: Let him go.

Scarlet: I don't want to hurt anyone! I just want to escape, before "he" arrives!

Kakashi: I told you free him, before I rip your head off!

*Scarlet started to focus his Conduit's power, the Smoke energy*

Scarlet: I've said that I don't want to hurt anyone!

*When Kakashi tried to attack, Scarlet shooted a smoke bullet. Midnight took his hand, and Scarlet's power started to being transfered to him. Midnight started to watch some weird images, of Scarlet's life inside of jail. Some minutes later, all the place it was almost on fire.*

Midnight: What the hell happened here...?

*Trying to give one step, Midnight moved using the Smoke power, without controlling it*

Midnight: What the hell...?!

*He moved again using the Smoke power*

Midnight: What is going on here...?! Oh, god, NO!

*Again, he moved 5 times using the Smoke power, almost falling through a giant hole*

Midnight: Stop, stop, stop!

Kakashi *yelling*: Midnight?

Midnight: Kakashi... I need you... I need you please...

*Scarlet trapped Kakashi, cutting off a tree using his Smoke power and squashing Kakashi with the fallen tree. After this, Scarlet escaped*

Midnight: NO! KAKASHI!

*Using again his Smoke power, he arrived so fast there*

Kakashi: Midnight... what was that?!

Midnight: I... need to free you...

Kakashi: What did you've made?!

Midnight: I need to help you!

Kakashi: Y-Yes... help me to push... this tree...

*Both started to push, but then, unconsciously Midnight focused Smoke power on his hands*

Kakashi: What the hell...?

Midnight: No, no, NO!

*With an inhuman force, that tree was pushed away so easily. Midnight felt to the floor, and Kakashi hugged him*

Kakashi: I'm okay, I'm okay... breathe...

Midnight: This can't be happening...

Kakashi: Calm down... it's okay...

Midnight: ... I'm one of them, dude... I'm one of them!

Kakashi: No... NO! *looks at his eyes* You're my brother... you're not a Bioterrorist... you're okay...

Midnight: ...

Kakashi: I'll protect you no matter what... but please, calm down... and don't tell anyone about this... okay?

Midnight: O-Okay...


(This is how it looks Kakashi)

Quién será el próximo Hokage en ausencia de Naruto Uzumaki?

(And this is how it looks Midnight, just imagine it)

Delsin Rowe by AnubisDHL | Personajes de juegos, Wallpapers de ...

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Nice, been waiting for you for real long times

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  • Nice, been waiting for you for real long times

Thanks bro

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Aaaaa... XD Good opening story

Waiting for your new chapter XD

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  • Hina Devil On 2020-08-16 16:47:51
  • Aaaaa... XD Good opening story

    Waiting for your new chapter XD

Thanks Hina :3

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