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[ Suggestions ] Next fuku ninja


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Hi, i think it could be about time either Suigetsu Taka and/or Kushina Christmas get to be inside the reward bags of fukurokumaru rebate, they've been around long enough and their frags are already redeemable for about the price of a 25k fuku.

Aaand last time it was Naruto Ronin for 45k coupons, one ninja would be cool to see for about that price could be Itachi Susanoo, you hardly find any player using him cause it take quite a long time to farm, finding him in fuku would be really nice.

Just giving out ideas since 95% of the ninjas have already been in fuku even two or three times, with a week of time ahead of you i'm sure you could think of many interesting ninja options for next fuku instead of repeating ninjas we've already seen.

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2020-08-14 09:07:50
  • Hello,
    Taka Suigetsu only debuted one month ago, so he's not likely to see a Fukurokumaru deal next week. Kushina debuted two months ago, so this is a little more realistic, however, both units have only recently become available for purchase using coupons. Following the trends of other units, they need to spend some time being purchasable for coupons before they are eligible for a Fukurokumaru's Deal. New Year Hashirama being a recent Fukurokumaru Deal had him arriving a bit early. Usually ninjas take a bit longer than this to get to Fukurokumaru's deals, though, again, it is possible for Kushina.
    Therefore, I can make this suggestion for you, but it is unlikely, though not impossible, that it will be implemented. There are more likely ninjas that will likely see a Fukurokumaru's deal before these two, including repeat ninjas.

Thanks for the reply and the explanation Tachibana, makes sense.
Hopefully the Itachi Susano starts showing up in either fuku or redeem shops, the bond skill of Sasuke Susano has to be around the corner and it'd be great you'd help to start preparing it, just as you've done with Shisui kimono, Madara gnw and Kabuto sage incoming bts.

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